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Now imagine all of this re-enacted by plush toys. Wouldn’t that make everything more dramatic?

Seriously, this is how my mind works when I have too much Pepsi Max and not enough sleep.

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For this first interview from the “FFXIII Ultimania Omega”, we have the lovely voices behind the Farron Sisters - Sakamoto Maaya (Lightning) and Kotobuki Minako (Serah)!!

Along with serious character analyzing, the ladies also shared some humorous bloopers and interesting never-before-made-public details about the story. Please enjoy reading! :D


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Photo 18 Mar 253 notes "Stop playing hard to get, and get your butt over here! I know you’re dying to get in on this!" 
LOL Fang

"Stop playing hard to get, and get your butt over here! I know you’re dying to get in on this!" 

LOL Fang

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"I Knew the real Hope would remember the words I spoke to him when he was just a boy."

Photo 5 Mar 17 notes He gave her a headache for sure. lol

He gave her a headache for sure. lol

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Anonymous asked: Oh, and I'm surprised they didn't have Lightning really talk about her relationship with Etro, rather she only spoke of Etro's role in the world. I remember there was a picture with Lightning at the phone booth saying "only fools believe in the goddess's ways" but she never said that in game.


Yes, I was wondering what happened to that scene as well. I do remember her mentioning something about being Etro’s champion in one of her messages. 

You’ll get that scene if you choose to breakthrough the graveyard door without the code.

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"A world without God begins now."

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Understanding Color

23 minutes of all the important bits of color theory. Man, I so could’ve used this when I was in college.

Another super useful and well worded video on art things! Color, in this case. I really like the way this guy talks on stuff.

Really nice vid.

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I swear I won’t forget you.

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